Tuesday, September 23, 2008

just a little closer. . .

Here is a little closer view, but I see that it still isn't showing up very well. It is still on my quilting machine here, when I get the pics from the quilt show downloaded from DH's camera, I will post them.
ANYWAY, I am still practicing posting pictures. . .

After the show. . .

The weekend travels went well, had lots of fun and I will post about the JUNKFEST later, when I add the picture of my purchase !
The quilt show was alot of fun, saw lots of friends, and I have to admit, didn't get to see ALL of the quilts in the show, although not for lack of trying ! to the left is a picture of a customers beautiful wall hanging/ table topper, shown unquilted. I will post a quilted picture of it later.
( This is actually an excercise for me to learn how to post pictures and blog. . . how am I doing ? )

Friday, September 19, 2008

Things to look forward to. . .

It's going to be one of those beautiful fall weekends, and I, DH and DDIL are heading out bright and early tomorrow morning to a local JUNKFEST ( 45 minutes away ) for the morning. I hope I don't see anything I HAVE to get, I hope I only see items that will spark my imagination and get me motivated ! Anyway, I always enjoy this kind of outing, on this kind of day. . . it should be great fun ! I will put fresh batteries in my camera and start making it a habit of taking pictures for the express purpose of posting them in this blog !

Hope to be back in town around noon. . . because THEN DH and I are heading to Fargo for the Indian Summer Quilt show for the rest of the weekend. . . and you know what I will be looking at there ! And YES, he does go to the quilt show too, and he does enjoy it ! ( Aren't I lucky ? ) I need to remember to take some of my special chokecherry syrup and DH's super salsa with to share with our "innkeepers" ( my nephew, wife and their daughter ). . . where, by the news reports today, they have a wayward MOOSE strolling through their housing development. . .
wonder if he will still be around by the time I get there with my camera? Now, wouldn't that make a good post ?



First Attempt

First Blog. . .

This will be new territory for me, but something is urging me on to get started with this, so here goes. Let's hope that I will improve with practice ! I really enjoy reading other blogs, and I hope this will be of interest to other quilters !

For now, I will just have to get started, and get this blog set up !