Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi Everyone. . .

What can I say, I've been BUSY ! Trying to play catch up here, not sure if it is working ! But, since my friend, LaRae, already did most of the writing, I will just post this.

This is the story of Ugly Betty. LaRae called me ( she lives an hour and a half away from me ) and wanted me to quilt this quilt that she was piecing for her local church raffle. She said she disliked the colors strongly ( not really the way she put it but you get the drift. . .) and she was tired of the colors, tired of the stars, and could I just put a quick overall stitching on it and send it back ? "Well, of course!" I said, and the next I knew, Ugly Betty was on my doorstep. Well, now LaRae and I could almost be twins, because we normally ( well, perhaps normally really isn't in our vocabulary ) like the same things, right down to pulpy orange juice. If I show her a pattern, she's already got it. If she shows me fabric, I like it too. Well of only a couple things that are different about us and our likes and dislikes, is that she is a pink person, and altho I might admire pink on others, it does not feel good on me. So I was shocked when Ugly Betty came to visit and I opened up the box and brought her out, and I just loved her ! I loved the colors, loved the fabrics, and I thought UB needed a good old custom quilting "spa treatment" so. . . she got one. Below is what LaRae had to say about UB and some pictures. Hope you enjoy her too !
quote: "Had to share a story with my friends and relatives about Ugly Betty...........................

Once upon a time there was a quilter who wanted to help out a local church with their bazaar. She wanted to make a quilt for the Englevale church so she said, "What do you want and what colors do you want?" Well, one of the church ladies said she had a perfect pattern. So the quilter went to the store and bought the pattern and had the shop ladies pick out all the fabric for it. The quilter sewed and sewed and sewed...all 1833 pieces! But the quilter was very sad...the colors were not her. She was more of a bright pink, purple, green person and now she was sewing on down to earth colors of gold, rust, browns and blues and it made her blue to even sew on it. She forged on and got it done but was very upset with it and all along was calling it "Ugly Betty" It lacked luster and beauty. She decided to let her fairy Godmother, Beth Cole, the quilting lady, have a go at it. Well, Beth worked her magic and turned it into a beauty! Here is the result of waving her magic wand and applying beautiful quilting stitches! You should see it in person! There are pillow shams to match also.

The Good Shepherd Church Bazaar is April 26th and I believe the time is 7pm to start but I can find out for sure. Hope you can make it and buy a ticket or two. There will be lots of things to bid on and lots of home baked goodies.


That was such a nice letter that she wrote and sent out. . . No WONDER she was sad about the quilt, EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE PIECES ? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? well, let me tell you, LaRae did an absoutely BEAUTIFUL job of piecing this quilt, and I would be thrilled to be the owner ! I have some tickets to the raffle so I hope I win, and I really think we need to rename her. . . . .
Don't forget that you can click on the pictures ( or maybe just some of them ) to have a closer look !