Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I have been so BUSY today working on a couple of my quilts ( that I already sent the entry forms in for next weekend's quilt show ! ) I finished quilting one, and have binding to do on that one and on my wholecloth quilt. Next time I enter a show, I am going to have these entrys done, BEFORE I send in the paperwork.. Both these quilts need to be in the mail on Monday. . . oops. . . trouble. . . I am thinking that there is NO mail on Monday. . .President's Day. .. Well, Tuesday will have to do ! Anyway, I forgot to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ! so, in honor of this day, here is a picture of some sweet quilting. . . and I hope you are all able to be with the ones you love today.


OK. .. just how small does a scrap have to be before it is to little to keep? How small do you save? I recently helped a friend of mine start her first quilt. It was a Turning 20, and after cutting it out ( OH what a fast quilt to cut out ! ) there were these very tempting scraps left. . .and she didn't want them !

Well I did ! I had been having this little project floating around in my head for awhile. . so time to cut them up some more. . . and put 'em back together. .. . . . .
is this gonna be worth the effort? these squares aren't very big. . .but they are pretty fun to string together. . . I really like looking at them. . .ok, bordering on the compulsive here. . . . . .

time to put them together with some narrow, strips. . . . . .and now we are almost getting somewhere. . . .

Don't you just love these Kansas Troubles fabrics ( at least I think most of them are K.T.) I am also doing my LQS BOM out of Kansas Troubles, so I look forward to having LOTSA KT scraps. .

anyway. .. . almost done,

and HERE it is !

and what does it do ?

Why, all these little scraps grew into a SCRAP BAG to hold all the littler scraps and threads !

Wait ! On second thought, maybe that little red print that I am putting into the scrap bag is too big to go there yet ! or is that TOO obsessive ?

FULL CREDIT for this little project goes to another blogger, and as soon as I find the post I would like to GIVE her full credit for her great tutorial, and a link. It was one that I found when I first started reading blogs and really didn't know what I was doing yet, so couldn't save it or anything. If any of you know where this tutorial came from, or if it is yours, please let me know and I will post proper credit, and a BIG THANK YOU ! It is a perfect scrap bag for my DSM and I would like to make another ( larger one ! ) for my longarm machine.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday everyone . .

Just a quick post to let you know about another great blog and a creative bunch of gals. I wasn't aware they had a blog, but one of them found my blog and then sent me an email, so I got the chance to check them out. Now I would like to share ! They are the JUNKFEST girls and they really are only about 45 miles north of me. . and their JUNKFEST in September is the funnest event to go to ! Go check them out. . . enjoy ! Dream ! and make plans for a North Dakota trip next September ! Until then, go look at YOUR junk and see if you can bring it back to a useful life !

Now, for me to finish out the work week, and then I can think about some new things to post for the weekend. . .

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Introducing a couple of new bloggers. . . .

OK, it has been so interesting getting this blog going, exploring others' blogs and generally finding out that I can learn how to do new things, that I talked 2 of my friends into starting blogs. Now, THESE 2 gals are REALLY talented in their crafts, and they both know how to write a fun post ! They are just starting out, so would you mind going over and "make wisit" ? Yes, make W I S I T . . . a little term from around the area here. . . make VISIT. . . or just go over and visit. . . and while you are there, would you tell them I sent you ? That would be great. . . I don't think I will get a prize or anything, or that you will either ( yet . . . altho I will be making wisit with them soon on how much fun it is to host a giveaway. . .).
So, in alphabetical order. . . check out " Life Is What You Make It ", with my QOV buddy, master of all crafts, quilting, scrapbooking, etc, and an organized craft room to die for on top of it ! I have only known her for about 14 months, and we have found that we are alike except for 3 things . . but I can't tell you what they are. . . by the way, she has a fabric stash to die for so that is another reason I am nice to her HA ! The next blog is "Princess Dixie", my book club buddy. . . and talk about another talented scrapbooker ! She makes the cutest mini-albums and also has a scrapbook stash to die for. She only has one fault. . . she doesn't quilt, but I am working on it. I figure if she wants a Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road quilt bad enough she will find her sewing machine, and if she does, I have some fabulous tornadoes and ruby red slippers to quilt on it for her ! Both of these gals are just getting started blogging and already have a knack for writing an interesting post, so hopefully you will want to write them an encouraging comment - don't forget to tell them I sent you !
Hope everyone had a good weekend. . . I will be getting my camera out soonly and will post what I have been up to ( and what I just got in the mail ! . . . remember the Whirl into Winter Giveaway ???? )

Hey, look at me, I figured out how to insert a link ! Now THAT wasn't hard at all !

Until later,