Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I really am here. . . .

Yes, I really am here, it's just been a busy summer ! That, in turn must mean I have plenty to blog about. . . so I will give it a try. I'll start with some of the special customer quilts that I quilted this summer. Enjoy Georgia's quilt, look at all the beautiful work she did, and just look at all the piecing in this quilt, isn't it fabulous !

Here is just a corner of the quilt. . . look at all the different teapots ! Notice all the teacups and ribbon in the border below:

Close up of the teacup border below: each teacup rec'd a flower motif, and in the border above the teacup, I quilted the steam that all those teacups generated ! In the blue with white dot border is row of quilted teacups. . .in the green, a row of flowers and leaves.

I couldn't resist quilting some special stitches on the seams of this crazy pieced teapot. Of all the pretty teapots, this one was my favorite !
Each teapot is cuter than the last !
I hope you enjoyed this little quilt tour. . .stay tuned for more !