Monday, November 17, 2008

Enjoy the View Along the Way

Happy Monday !

The sun is trying to shine here, and it always makes me look at things on the bright side.

Here is a picture of a customer quilt on which I quilted an overall pattern in the log cabin blocks and the phrase " Enjoy the View Along the Way" in the inner border. The piano key border got it's own coordinating border stitching, which compliments the quilt center. If you would like a CLOSE UP, just click on the picture !

The colors she used in this quilt were so varied, and it just reminded me of things I see when taking a long walk outside in the Spring, Summer, Fall AND Winter , so I felt that the black inner border was a perfect spot to remind one to " Enjoy the View Along the Way" !

Here's hoping your view this week is an enjoyable one !

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quilts of Valor Report !


I just got the pictures from the QOV presentation and thought you might like to see them. I will see if I can get the text lined up with the right pictures, otherwise you might have to figure it out !

Well, they didn't land in the right spot but on the first picture is Connie from Bismarck, me, 2nd Lt. Nitschke and Sgt Aarhus. Sgt. Aarhus was wounded in Iraq in 2003. I am holding the quilt that he picked out. The second picture is some of the 40 quilts we ( Quilts of Valor ) gave to the ND National Guard which will be given out to Purple Heart recipients from the War on Terror.

It was such an honor to be able to present these quilts, and to personally be able to thank this hero.

I would encourage everyone to thank a Veteran and find a way to help out your local Quilts of Valor organization.

still at war. . . still quilting. . .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

After the Quilt Show Post

Just got back from the ND Capitol Quilter's Quilt Show in Bismarck. Great show, and some awesome things happened too. I had the honor of presenting a QUILT of VALOR to an injured National Guard Veteran from Iraq. It was so wonderful to meet him and present his quilt and the 39 others that will be given to injured Iraq war vets. I am anxious to post pictures, but will wait until some get emailed to me. More soon.....