Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Just for Quilts part 2

Here is another garment project of mine. I really like this, except I think I might want to do something different with the collar. This does look good with a turtleneck underneath, tho, so I guess the jury is still out. I want to add buttons ( when I find the right ones. .. ) and patch pockets. This is a strip pieced ( with 2 1/2" strips) flannel on a sweatshirt, and oh boy! is it ever warm. Double click on the picture for a peek at the leaf quilting. If you would like to know how to do this, drop me a line and I will find the link.


Not Just for Quilts !

In the near future, I hope to be able to post some non-quilt quilting projects of mine. Here is my Jammin' vest, it was alot of fun to make, and to wear. Hopefully you can see all the little guitars I quilted into the fabric. The hardest part of this was picking out the vest and lining fabric ! Double click on the picture to see a close up. Do you like it?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

alright, one more thing to show you. . .

Thought I would show you the front and the back of this customer quilt. . .It was pieced by an over 80 grandmother for her colorblind grandson, but he CAN see the colors orange and green. The print in the fabric on the top had stars in it, so I quilted in Stars & Loops, in orange thread, and the thread even glows under black light ! This quilt turned out so very nice, Grandma was happy, and I am sure that Grandson will think it is pretty cool too !

A Bit of Halloween. . .

The 2 pictures above are of the table topper I pieced last year and quilted, I did get it bound this year in hopes of enjoying it on my Halloween table, but it is currently residing where the table runner below is. . . . . This table topper is another easy piecing pattern, made from a panel. I used plain black for the backing so the pumpkin stitching shows up ! I just love these pumpkins !

Here is my table runner that I made for myself. If you look closely you can see the spiderwebs I quilted on it. Since this picture was taken, I actually put binding on it ( ! ) and instead of residing on my table, it is currently on display at a 3 week quilt show at a local bank. The last day of the show is Friday, Oct 31st ! So. . . either I leave my Halloween decorations up for a few days, or save it for next year ! The pattern is a free pattern on the internet, from and is called the Easy Striped table runner. Now when I enter a quilt store I head straight for the stripes ! Since I am the quilter, I don't get too much time for piecing, so I love it when I find a fun easy piecing pattern ! oops. . . I just checked the website, and it WAS the right website, but they must have retired the pattern. If anyone wants to know how to do this, just let me know, and I will try my best to explain it to you.
Happy Halloween everybody ! May your all your quilting projects finish for the correct holiday !


Now for some Quilts of Valor. . . these 3 were made by my friend, the "quilting warrior" Marge. Aren't they beautiful ? She does such a nice job. I know they will be a great comfort to a wounded soldier, and will be on their way ( with several others ) to Bismarck this weekend for distribution. She had made MANY QOV's. Some she has me quilt, others, she quilts herself on her DSM. Notice that Marge even does scalloped edges on some of her QOV's !

I have also posted a picture of our Quilts of Valor display. Our SEW DAY last Saturday was a HUGE success ! We made 23 quilt tops, with pillowcases, backing & batting, and I even was able to find a couple of longarmers to help! I do so appreciate all of the piecers and quilters. THANK YOU - THANK YOU !

Catching up on Business. .

I had better finish up about an earlier post, I mentioned that we went to JunkFest, what a great time. DIL,DH and I went and had a great time. DIL found a few things, the best among them was a large primitive blanket chest that fits perfectly in her entry. She has the best eye for primitive decorating.

I found a cute little bookshelf, it is oak, and stained black ( not necessarily my preference, the black stain, but it is growing on me) but a perfect size for neatening ( a new word ? but it works! ) my magazine problem ! here it is. . . . I have 3 spots, the women's magazines I need to catch up on, on the top left, below that are just the fall quilting magazines from this year and from some other years , the bottom right are recipe magazines and the top right are DH magazines and a dictionary. Now that I have the magazines tamed, I need to get them read ! I really like the size of this bookshelf, in fact, it sat empty for about a month while I considered the best place for it, it would have worked well as a nightstand, it almost had a place in my sewing room upstairs, or my quilting room downstairs. . . but for now is holding down the end of the couch in the living room. We will see how it behaves there, for now. Who knows where it might end up ! It certainally is a versitile piece of furniture, and is deceptively heavy !

Another Beautiful Fall Day !

We're having fabulous weather here, sunny, calm, and the colors are truely beautiful. Here is my bright spot of color still hanging in there even though our temps have been below freezing at night. Don't you just love the color of these mums ?

I sure hope they can hang around for awhile longer. Maybe I had better start covering them at night !


Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to Type !

Let's see. . . there is lots to catch up on, as it has been a super busy month ! Most notably and happily to report, is that our son, is back in the good old USA after his 2nd Iraq tour. He came back last week, and instead of taking his leave, coming home for a visit then flying back to New York to his Army base to begin processing out, he decided to stay there and "get 'er done". His wife flew out for a few days, and as for me, I am just thrilled and content knowing he is "home" and I can pick up the phone and call any old time I want. E.D.T.A. ( estimated date of TRUE arrival home ) is early December. After waiting and worrying all this time, that is good enough for me.

Also have been busy with fall yard and garden work, DH has been canning salsa, pickles, carrots, etc. while I have been quilting. I am getting ready for a QOV sew day in Fargo this weekend, and we are hosting our own QOV Sew day in our town on Sat. Oct 25th. So many things to think of and organize, and difficult because we have no idea how many quilters will be coming ! But the basics are done, have a location, have helpers, the notice is out to the papers and radio, and next week it will be time to iron out the fine details ! That is a guarantee that next week will go fast also !

Check out our QOV website:

Did I tell you that I belong to the funnest bookclub in town ? ( Maybe I did. . .) anyway, we took a girl's weekend and went to Duluth. . . had a great time. . . scenery was beautiful. . .. . they even let me go to a quilt store ( right on the shores of Lake Superior) ! It was a great time and it would be a good idea for me to post some pictures. . . . but for now, I gotta go, there is some sewing I have to do yet before I leave for Fargo tomorrow !