Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Virtual QUILT FESTIVAL Time !


Here is my entry into the QUILT FESTIVAL. The name of the quilt is Bluegrass Stars. It was designed and pieced by Barb in Bismarck, and quilted by me. This quilt will be raffled off to raise funds for the B.A.N.D. (Bluegrass Association of North Dakota) . The funds will be used to help promote Bluegrass music in the state with jams, festivals, concerts and classes.

Next is a close -up of the quilt and the last picture is of the quilt back. Bluegrass instruments featured on the quilt are guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and bass. My apologies to any bluegrass instruments not represented on the quilt. . . we love you too ! For more information on North Dakota Bluegrass check out the North Dakota Bluegrass Forum . For information on tickets for the Bluegrass Stars quilt, contact me.

To see more quilts in the QUILT FESTIVAL, click on the link to the left. . . enjoy !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of catchin' up to do !

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter ! We took a short trip to Minnesota, played with the rellies and had a great time. It even felt a bit like spring there. . . When we left, there was a pile of snow as high as my shoulder next to the driveway. . by the time I got back it was only knee high. Today it's only ankle high, so we are making progress. Unfortunately, as the snow melts, the rivers rise and there has been alot of sandbagging going on here in town and in surrounding towns and farms. Here in town we are waiting to see how high the river will crest. . .
Time for some quilting pictures. . . here is a quilt I made because I liked the quilting stitch. . .I named the quilt "Candy Kisses". Before I bought my longarm machine, I was usually inspired either by the fabric or the pattern, now I get inspired by the quilting stitch which then leads me to the fabric and pattern. A little backwards, but. . . . it works for me. "Candy Kisses" is for my daughter and was mostly pieced last spring, and I finally finished the border, quilted and bound it in February of this year. It turned out to be a pretty appropriate time to finish it what with all the valentines candy in the fabric. Not, however, probably the best time to post this. . Valentines would have been better, but, well, there isn't an Easter quilt to post about right now so I need to take what I can get.

Anyway, about the title of the post. . .First I was working like crazy to get enough done so I could take a few days off without guilt. . . now, I am working like crazy to catch up after being gone. I did end up feeling some guilt, but it was so nice to get away too. Even had my own little shop hop ! I got to go to 4 Minnesota quilt shops thanks to my SIL for 2 stops and DH for 2 stops on the way home! It is always SO interesting checking out different shops. Thankfully, Mr. Willow Lake Stitches doesn't mind stopping, and even comes in sometimes and checks out the fabric - wait - maybe he is checking on me !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Check out these new patterns !

Here's a pretty blog for you to check out. She is starting a pattern line and is having a giveaway. So. . . take a quick trip to Sweden and visit Helena !


Yep, the posse paid me a little visit this afternoon. . . they were on their way through town to a top secret location to pick up a stash of JUNK to bring back home to their workshops. They are working hard to get ready for this year's JUNK-FEST in September. We just got 19" of snow a couple of days ago, and these fearless gals ( yes, I said nineteen inches of snow, and it's WET, HEAVY snow ! ) are pulling a huge trailer halfway across the state on these icy, snow filled roads to bring treasures home for Junk-Fest . They stopped to drop off some quilt tops to keep me busy for awhile. Since they were here, I put them to work, and had them draw the winner for my St. Patty's Day GREEN giveaway!

And the winner. . . . is. . .. . AMY from Learning to be an Oak Tree and here is what she said

"Hi Beth - I want to enter! One going green thing I've done is change my dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent to the eco-friendly and phosphate free. I also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I find they work just as well! :) Amy "

Go visit her blog and check out what she is up to. Soon, she will have a quilted grocery bag kit to sew up !

Thank you, Junk Fest Girls for the visit, and for drawing the winner. I hope you have a GREAT time today on your junk quest !

Now, for some more fabulous recycling tips, head over to the JUNKFEST blog and take a look at what they do !

These gals really know how to recycle too !