Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's gonna be a plain, simple Christmas this year....

They say that if you want to exercise your brain, use your non-dominate hand more often. well, I will be exercising my brain alot . Family & friends, hope didn't have your hearts set on something quilty for Christmas. I did have some grand plans, but the only plan now is PLAN B.

I had been having some shoulder problems in my right shoulder, and after exams & xrays, it was determined that I could come in and have some minor surgery done, removing some irritating bone spurs. That was to be a 45 min. surgery. 2 hours later, they were done fixing my torn rotator cuff (which had been damaged for years, they noted), and I get to NOT USE my right arm for awhile! Not what I had been planning on, didn't have much ready for Christmas, no baking either.... but I did get the tree up before the surgery, so we will just scale back on the plans. I am in a couple Christmas Swaps, so hopefully they won't mind if they are a little late!

Other than that, I think I will take it easy on this arm and not worry what didn't get decorated, didn't get baked or didn't get made! I hope the rest of all you busy people out there don't overdo it, and enjoy your own little Christmas in your own way!


Stray Stitches said...

Looks like you have good reason not to get some things done! Hope your shoulder heals quickly

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Looks like it's a good time to catch up on your reading! Hope it heals well.

quiltmom said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder- Beth Hope that it heals quickly and that you are soon feeling good as new.
Wishing you some good family times - the most important part of Christmas is to be with loved ones.
We do a lot more potluck in our houses now- It feels good to help each other out. The most important part is being together.
Wishing you a happy festive season.
Warmest regards,

Tamera said...

Well, take care of yourself!

Tamera said...

Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon!

Jenny said...

Oh Beth! I'm so sorry. You poor thing! What a year it's been!

Hugs and healing!

Hanne said...

I am sorry for late answer.
Glad you liked the present I sendt you. I dont think we have our own style here in Scaninavia, but more copying from the US. Maybe we are more careful with coulors here?
The Gjesdal i wrote about is a brand of knitting yarn, but it is altso a place here in Norway.
Wish you a happy new year.
Best regards Hanne