Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Project A Month Challenge

Ok. . . I'm going out on a limb now. . . and joining the One Project a Month Challenge. Sounds like just the motivation I need! If you are interested, head over to to check it out. Now for my first step in that direction. . . I need to figure out what January's project will be !

I have also been enjoying all the interesting comments from all the entries in our current contest below. Thanks to all who have entered! I hope to soon start entering everybody else's giveaway, really look forward to checking out all the blogs !

Here's hoping everyone is having a great start to their New Years. So far in 2009 I have participated in 2 bluegrass jams. . . that is doing pretty good for the first 3 days of the year !


clare said...

Hi Beth I am in the "project a Month " too . Good Luck .
Clare's Craftroom

Sara McManigle said...

Hey Beth! I didn't know you had a blog! I like it. I have no idea where you get the time to do all the stuff you do.

Thanks for the link!

Talk to you soon!