Thursday, January 22, 2009

We All Have Our Hobbies. . .

You pretty much know most of my hobbies, quilting, bluegrass music, reading, gardening, etc, etc. . .and the DH has his also! One of which is classic cars. Driving his '55 Ford, fixing it, planning the redo of his '51 panel van, getting parts for the '51, going to car shows, looking at others' cars, getting parts for the '51, helping with his car club, did I mention getting parts for his '51 ? Oh yes, and building a shop to work on his '51.
This weekend is their annual Winter Wheels Car Show. The car club members put in so much work for this show and it is always a success. It is always the same weekend in January, which is taking quite a chance with this North Dakota weather, but we have found that if it is nice, we get alot of people not only from town, but also from out of town and if the weather is bad, we may not get the extra people from out of town, but we sure do get more local people. I guess people want to just be able to get out ! You know there is a bit of a thrill to be able to get out and about in a blizzard. It isn't a very safe thing to do out in the country, but in town we sure do ( until we get stuck in a snowfilled street) !
Here is a few of us girls' contribution to the Winter Wheels Raffle. I found these classic and antique car fabrics on ebay, we first fussy cut them and we tried to focus on a different car in each block and sewed them up in a simple quilt pattern. Then I quilted it using an all-over antique car pattern. If you click on the picture you can almost see the car pattern in the stitching. The fabric is a bit too busy to see it well in the picture though.
I think it would look pretty good in my DH's classic car, or even on my couch. . . I think I might have to buy a few tickets !


Pat said...

What a FUN quilt for you and the other gals to do for the car show! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Wonderful idea. I think it will be a very sucessful raffle.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

My 6 yr old son was looking over my shoulder when I clicked on this post and he got so excited when he saw all the cars on the quilt! That is so cute and I love the dark and light fabric borders on the squares. Super Cool!