Sunday, February 1, 2009

Introducing a couple of new bloggers. . . .

OK, it has been so interesting getting this blog going, exploring others' blogs and generally finding out that I can learn how to do new things, that I talked 2 of my friends into starting blogs. Now, THESE 2 gals are REALLY talented in their crafts, and they both know how to write a fun post ! They are just starting out, so would you mind going over and "make wisit" ? Yes, make W I S I T . . . a little term from around the area here. . . make VISIT. . . or just go over and visit. . . and while you are there, would you tell them I sent you ? That would be great. . . I don't think I will get a prize or anything, or that you will either ( yet . . . altho I will be making wisit with them soon on how much fun it is to host a giveaway. . .).
So, in alphabetical order. . . check out " Life Is What You Make It ", with my QOV buddy, master of all crafts, quilting, scrapbooking, etc, and an organized craft room to die for on top of it ! I have only known her for about 14 months, and we have found that we are alike except for 3 things . . but I can't tell you what they are. . . by the way, she has a fabric stash to die for so that is another reason I am nice to her HA ! The next blog is "Princess Dixie", my book club buddy. . . and talk about another talented scrapbooker ! She makes the cutest mini-albums and also has a scrapbook stash to die for. She only has one fault. . . she doesn't quilt, but I am working on it. I figure if she wants a Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road quilt bad enough she will find her sewing machine, and if she does, I have some fabulous tornadoes and ruby red slippers to quilt on it for her ! Both of these gals are just getting started blogging and already have a knack for writing an interesting post, so hopefully you will want to write them an encouraging comment - don't forget to tell them I sent you !
Hope everyone had a good weekend. . . I will be getting my camera out soonly and will post what I have been up to ( and what I just got in the mail ! . . . remember the Whirl into Winter Giveaway ???? )

Hey, look at me, I figured out how to insert a link ! Now THAT wasn't hard at all !

Until later,


LaRae said...

OK, Beth....what were you thinking? Talking 2 of us into starting blogs and both of us nuts about our Cricuts? We are doomed. Neither one of us will get any work done now.
But....thanks for the introduction anyway. Now I know there are 2 Cricuts in North Dakota!

Jenny said...

I'm gonna go pay your friends a wisit. I hope they have the decaf on. I'm in the mood for a good cup of coffee ! I have to get my quilt top to you. It's on my February to do list. But I think it might have been on last Februarys, too. sigh.

andsewon said...

Hey Beth I will visit your pals and if they are half as entertaining as you I will be hooked on 2 more blogs!!! I need a week of just visiting awesome blogs!!By the way I think you deserve an award for being you. Check out my blog post for today!!!
Thanks for reading mine and hey how did the new tune go over?
Do you get RFD TV? There are a couple shows on there we watch Mid West Country from Sandstone MN & The Marty Stuart Show, will have old country and some bluegrass on.
Any way BLOG ON SIS'TA and thanks for visiting mine!!

SweetMelissa said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love the pics on your site. I've dabbled in machine quilting on a home version shortarm frame. A longarm exists only in my wildest dreams! 5 years ago the junk bug hit me hard so machine quilting has been put by the wayside for one of those "some day" hobbies. Too bad there aren't more hours in the day for hobbies! That's all a girl can ask for, right? I'll be stopping back to your site because I love to drool over wonderful machine quilting. Cassie (Joni's lil sis) will pass your message along. Later.