Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yep, the posse paid me a little visit this afternoon. . . they were on their way through town to a top secret location to pick up a stash of JUNK to bring back home to their workshops. They are working hard to get ready for this year's JUNK-FEST in September. We just got 19" of snow a couple of days ago, and these fearless gals ( yes, I said nineteen inches of snow, and it's WET, HEAVY snow ! ) are pulling a huge trailer halfway across the state on these icy, snow filled roads to bring treasures home for Junk-Fest . They stopped to drop off some quilt tops to keep me busy for awhile. Since they were here, I put them to work, and had them draw the winner for my St. Patty's Day GREEN giveaway!

And the winner. . . . is. . .. . AMY from Learning to be an Oak Tree and here is what she said

"Hi Beth - I want to enter! One going green thing I've done is change my dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent to the eco-friendly and phosphate free. I also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I find they work just as well! :) Amy "

Go visit her blog and check out what she is up to. Soon, she will have a quilted grocery bag kit to sew up !

Thank you, Junk Fest Girls for the visit, and for drawing the winner. I hope you have a GREAT time today on your junk quest !

Now, for some more fabulous recycling tips, head over to the JUNKFEST blog and take a look at what they do !

These gals really know how to recycle too !


Dixie Supler said...

Too funny!! I was looking at their blog this morning and thought to myself, "what, are they nuts leaving town today after all this snow"? I'm glad they stopped in to see you and especially impressed that you took photos to post on your blog.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun visit! Congratulations to Miss Amy!

Amy said...

I'm so excited Beth! Thank you!