Friday, October 9, 2009

Pleasant Pheasant Pfabric - Pheasant Country

Well, now, isn't this a perfect quilt for this area ! Pheasant Country. . . . We have pheasants all over up here, and MANY pheasant hunters !

and how about this pleasant pheasant phabric ? sorry, I have wanted to do that for so long, I just couldn't help myself !

This quilt piecing pattern was a free pattern found on the Quilting Treasures website and my customer Kathy did a fabulous job of piecing it up in these gorgeous fabrics. Now, I personally have over 3,000 quilting patterns and thousands more available to me. . . and do you think I could find one . . . . . . . . . just one that would do this quilt justice ? na. . . . . but. . . I can have one designed ! Look below at the Pheasant Country quilt back for the quilting pattern we came up with ! It took 3 of us, Kathy, me, and most of all Laurie Thomas, the designer. I used a color of thread that blended in with the top, so the quilting wouldn't overpower the beautiful fabrics in the top. A special thanks to Kathy, who used a quiet tone on tone fabric for the quilt backing so the quilting can shine.

I just find myself drawn more and more to the quiet, tone on tones now, just to let the quilting tell it's own story.

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Jenny said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful.