Saturday, December 19, 2009


Good Morning all. . .

Well, I finished the last of my customer quilts due to be quilted by Christmas a couple days ago, so now I need to start on my projects, one of them being to catch up on posts !

You may remember the floods we had here in North Dakota this spring. Well we
( the North Dakota State Quilt Council ) were contacted by a group of quilters from Mountain Home, Idaho, that wanted to send quilting supplies to quilters that had been affected by the flood. Below is a picture of the quilters receiving the boxes of donated quilting supplies. In the picture are Doris, Rita, Pat, me, and Paulette. Doris ( Pat's MIL ) was totally flooded out and lost her home. She was displaced for 7 months and just moved into her new home on Dec 14th. Rita had water in her basement and her home is not even close to the river, Pat's home had 6" of water on the main floor, and the dikes surrounding their home held back 3' of water. They now have a permanent concrete dike between their home and the river. Their son and DIL also lost their home in the flood and are rebuilding. Paulette's home was not flooded, but they were displaced for 3 weeks because all the roads and bridges to their home were out.

It was so fun to see this group of quilters get down on the floor and open these boxes like it was Christmas ! They have shared the items with the rest of their quilting group, and plan on paying it forward by making a quilt and donating it to the Red Cross.

I found out a few weeks later, that when Pat was going through some quilting magazines that were included in the boxes that in a Quilters Newsletter Magazine from 2002, there was an article about a quilt that Pat's Mother had made for the Ft. Seward Wagon Train in 1993. A quilt is made every year for the Wagon Train and is auctioned off to raise funds. She didn't know who had won the auction for the quilt her Mom had made, but somehow, the quilt was published, and Pat never knew this until picking up that magazine. What a nice surprise for her ! and kind of a "woo woo" moment - insert some Twilight Zone music here - just think about it. . . a kind deed, a random magazine sent to a group in crisis, and it happens to contain an article about a quilt made 16 years previously by Mom, and if Pat hadn't rec'd or looked at the magazine, she would have never known that her Mom's quilt had been published ! I think another "WOO-WOO" is in order for that !

A BIG THANK YOU to the generous hearts in Mountain Home Idaho, and by paying it forward, these ND quilters will be keeping the goodness going forth.

Imagine what this world would be like if everyone "Payed it Forward" . . . .

If you would like to know more info about the NDSQC or the Fort Seward Wagon Train, or see the "woo-woo" quilt, be sure and click on the links. The quilt can be seen on the Wagon Train website.

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Jenny said...

So cool, Beth! This warms my heart!