Tuesday, October 4, 2011


for lots of reasons, here is just a couple of them ....... ! My customer came this morning to pick up her quilt, and brought me 2 boxes of homemade caramel rolls ... they were still warm..... well, there is only one box left now. I also can thank her for helping me get my calcium today, as there is nothing better with a warm, fresh, homemade caramel roll than a cold glass of milk ! Oh.... they were SO delicious !


Now for a peak at her quilt..... this is just one corner, but I think she had 20 cross-stitched blocks in this quilt. She wanted an all over quilting design, so that means one color of thread and that means a decision ! Well, this one was easy..... white thread, so it "goes away" and doesn't interfere with the cross-stitching, it just gives the backround some nice texture. Usually I like matching my quilting thread with the fabric color, but quilting white thread over the maroon sashing and borders and the dark green stop border all looked great, and really spread the white throughout the quilt and "tied" it all together. Who says you can't quilt over cross-stitching ? !

Let's give a big Hip Hip Hooray for Piecers and their Caramel Rolls !

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