Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now, just because this is my second post of the day, don't think this will be a habit...

Junkfest ( one of my favorite events ! ) was a couple weeks ago... and 3 of us peeps went.  I reviewed the some of the rules:

1.  No heels  ( there is a need to be comfortable AND swift... ! )

2. Large Vehicle ( you will probably need the space ! )

3. Only 3 peeps per vehicle  ( more peeps - more vehicles - more room)

4. Leave by 7 am ( or 7 am-ish)
so here we are headed north for the 45 minute drive.  Brenda on the left, Linda on the right.  I'll be the backseat driver...

Made the first stop at the Junk 'n Java house by 8 am....  They have a very nice set up there and lots of neat things ! Between the 2 gray sheds ( which are full of great junk for sale...) is a firepit seating area, all fenced in,  very cozy and cute.  I should have taken a pic of that !    This year I bought a 3 gallon redwing crock here.
We are at the front of the line ( almost !) waiting to get in.  Check out the additional vendors, all the quonsets on the left were full, and all the white tents and others out in the open.  The Junk Fest girls are in a quonset to the right of this photo. 

My son and DIL came too, and brought little Rylind.  He seems pretty impressed by the whole affair !   It was chilly out that morning so he was glad to have his hat on, knitted by his auntie Ariel !
Here are some of the crowd waiting to get in.  Glad I was at the front of the line....but with that comes pressure, you want to be quick so you don't get run over by the eager Junk-finders !   note the ratio of men to women ??

The inside happenings in the Junk Fest quonset.  Rule # 1 here is:  If you see something you like, you had probably better buy it, 'cause it won't be here when you come back for it !   Check out the porch post little seating area there.... I have 3 fully restored posts like this and have a plan for 2 of them.   Any suggestions on what to do with the 3rd ?

My Junk Fest Peeps... Linda & Brenda.  Ready to go again next year, girls ?   I AM !   It was a blast !

Here is an old wood box that I would like to make sometime to my specifications.... I like the style, but would like to use it as a recycling center, and fit several kitchen sized trash bins inside for cans, bottles, etc.... below is another one I like...

That's Linda in front....get out of the way so I can see my bin  (  just kidding......☺)  I really like the color of this one.   I was tempted, but better stick to my guns and build one to fit.

and here is what I ended up with.... my crock, a little nightstand/dresser,  what I thought at first glance was a doll crib, but when I found out it really was a magazine rack, I still wanted it.   It will match a black bookcase I bought here a few years ago ( see an earlier Junkfest post )  and...  I am really excited about this.... the green foldable outdoor table.  It folds up like a tv tray, but it is BIG !   well, not huge, but bigger than a tv tray !  I can just see it on a porch......

Ok... that's my documentary on Junk Fest...    check them out   They are fun gals with great junk and ideas !

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