Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Pheasant Quilt

What have I been doing since the last post...well, still recovering from hip surgery, which is going quite well (about to start rehab), and customer quilting, and trying to set aside some time to get organized so I can do some sewing & piecing  for myself !   In early Feb, a benefit was held for my DIL's Dad, and I really wanted to make a quilt for the auction, and I really wanted to use one of the pheasant panels.    I didn't have time to do any elaborate piecing, so I came up with this pattern. 

I probably spent more time wondering what I was going to do for a pattern than I did piecing it !  I really agonized over the whole thing.... and finally ( like most things, I am finding out..) I just got started.  The only plan I had was to use the panel in the center as shown, and the 4 blocks in the corner.   Once I framed each panel, the rest just sort of worked itself out.   Now, I am not one to go into mass production, by the time I am done with a project, I just want to start a new one, and definately do not want to make another, but I think this is the exception.  I actually still liked this when I was done, and now that it was sold at the auction, I am thinking I need one for my house ! 

 Close up of the front, I wonder, you used to be able to double click on a picture on blogspot and it enlarged, does it still do that ?  Anyway, I hope you can see my quilting on here, it is of pheasants in flight and pheasants at rest...the quilt back tells it's own story !

The label...

Close up of the back

The quilt back and my DH.

Anyway, now my project list is a bit longer, and I did have to purchase a bit more fabric ( for the borders ),  my SIL says she has an extra panel for me to uses, I have enough left over of all the interior borders and squares, AND the clincher was when I went back to my LQS ,
 Comforts of Home    and they still had some of the fabulous flannel backing left... and I mean JUST !   There is JUST enough to make the back of the quilt... and NOT enough to pin it to my longarm !   I will probably have to baste on some muslin strips in order to put it on my machine... not my favorite thing to do, but for some fabrics it is worth it, and this fabric is worth it !   It is the coziest flannel I have ever seen, it has a bit of a fuzzy nap to it...

I am happy to say that the benefit was a huge success, too !  Great turnout by the community.  

Happy quilting to you all...


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