Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Won't you come to my friend's Party ? An Invite for YOU !

Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I blogged... I need to get back to this.  I can assure you I have not been slacking anywhere !   Our summer remodeling project is ( or was, 'till the cold weather hit) coming along, we thought we would be able to texture & paint 2 bedrooms before winter, but that just "ain't" gonna happen....  However, they are insulated, rewired, sheetrocked, taped and ready to go for spring !  That means texture, paint and trim right away next spring...still need to figure out if we can just "clean up" the existing trim or if we will have to refinish it...     I will post before, during and after pictures when we are done.   I just want to make sure we ARE done when I do ! LOL.   That will give us 2 bedrooms to move the remaining bedroom furniture in, while we finish the hall, the 3rd bedroom, the bathroom and the stairway.    We won't talk about the downstairs, yet.  

  So, in lieu of any pictures from me... I will post about this fun stitching event in the Minneapolis area... IF you are near there... GO !  This sounds like a fun deal- I love her designs !    Check her out !

Only wish I could go !   I hope she takes lots of pictures !     ....and I hope to be back here soon........

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Maria said...

Sound nice Beth! So do you have more time for quilting now then??