Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back in the saddle again....

Really?  It's been this long since I have posted ??  Well, I just downloaded the Blogger app for my IPad, so just maybe this will make it easier for me to post a little more frequently.    And, just finished quilting a quilt that I had been stressing over for several months !  It was my LQS  block of the month this year, and it is the store sample, so it has been hanging in the store all year, unquilted - there was no hurry for me to get it done - not like the many baby, wedding, graduation, etc quilts I have quilted this year that did have deadlines.  So that gave me time.....way too much time to stress over what I was going to quilt on it.  Sometimes that can be so crippling!  AND I find that usually -wait- actually, always, once I get a quilt ON my machine, I get inspired and am able to move forward with the quilting process and find that I (and more importantly my customer ) are happy with the results.   Of course, I always have the fear  that once the quilt is on the machine I will still not have any idea of what to quilt on it, and then (horrors!!!!) have to take the quilt off .....but so far in this career, that has not I guess I should not stress over that anymore and trust in my instincts !    That being said, if this new app lets me post pictures, I will post pictures of the quilt !
Cool, it works...will try and add a couple more !
Well, that will gave to do for now, not sure if these are the best pictures, I may need to run up to the quilt store and take better pictures, but we all know how expensive THAT could get !!

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