Sunday, March 1, 2009


Happy 1st day of MARCH ! Can spring be too far behind ? Well, we are still into winter here in North Dakota ( it was 1 degree below zero here this morning which is much warmer than it has been lately ! ), and it is time for me to finish some winter business. Back in January, MANY of us bloggers participated into a WHIRL INTO WINTER giveaway. It was alot of fun ( see post dated 1/1/09) and I sure hope we do it again. Well, after a computer outage here, and a quilt show and a bad bad cold, I am finally back posting and in the picture shows the goodies I won from 2 different blogs in the WHIRL INTO WINTER giveaway. First, from Paula at A Latte Quilts I won a pack of 6 homespun fat quarters ( she must know I really am a primitive quilter at heart ), 2 Dove bars ( and she knows about me and chocolate ) and a yummy hot chocolate mix ( she knows I've been freezin' all winter) and a whole latte' scraps which I just love, and really need for my calendar quilt ! THANK YOU so much Paula !
I was also lucky enough to win 2 cute wildlife panels from Cathy at Cathy~Originals . I just love the colors and the scenes on them and can't wait to find just the right projects to use them in.

Thanks everyone, this has all been a whole latte' fun !

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