Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to my SNOW GLOBE !

Hi. . . you may think that I took this picture last month, but. . .it, and all the snow is just fresh from a few minutes ago today, the last day of MARCH, 2009. It has been snowing steadily here now for 2 days, and I feel like I am in the middle of a snowglobe. What you can't see in the picture are the big fat snowflakes coming down. However, SPRING is here. . . it really is. . . so God can stop shaking my snow globe anytime now.
Send good thoughts and prayers for all our friends battling the floods all over this state. .. . . now we are starting to sandbag here in town too, and are expecting a couple more weeks of possible flooding. My Mom says " never complain if it gets too wet in North Dakota ". . . . which I am sure she learned from the "dirty 30's" dust bowl years. Well, if you are listening to the news, you can hear that we aren't complaining. We are putting up a good fight though.


Candace said...

Wow - that's quite a scene, Beth! March came in and is roaring out the same way! And you forgot to mention the Coast Guard in N.D. of all places! We're keeping good thoughts for all affected by the flooding and weather!

Pat said...

I hope things improve on the weather front in your area of the country soon.

Sara McManigle said...

If I didn't know you had comment moderation enabled, I'd be posting some colorful words about this snow! lol. (JK. I actually didn't mind shoveling this morning, and this cold stuff has been better for the flooding.)

There was something incredibly witty that I was going to say... hmmm. OH! Look! The wind just blew my witty thought away!

Aha! I think I was going to complain about the weather/road conditions not letting me go trim my pots. I'm so weird...I can't wait to see them again.

It's like... visiting friends and getting all excited about seeing their baby again and how it's changed. I march right over to the shelf, uncover the pots, and just look at them for a bit. hehe.

(Not that my friends keep their babies on shelves covered in plastic...)


Dixie Supler said...

We're thinking alike today. I just stepped outside to take pics of the last day of March snow amounts! And, I noticed that you read a book about quilting, about the same time I was reading a book about scrapbooking.

Jenny said...

Oh Beth, this must just be getting old! I think Spring is gonna be coming soon, though. Sending some warm breezes your way.

Carrie L Wendt said...

Thanks for following my blog! Been a little crazy around here. I just got back home after being evacuated. Lots of mess but no damage... many prayers answered there! My hubby on the other hand has to clean up the buildings for his business.... all flooded. But all in all... it has been uplifting to see what our community is capable of in these kinds of circumstances.Thanks again. Keep in touch.