Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to Type !

Let's see. . . there is lots to catch up on, as it has been a super busy month ! Most notably and happily to report, is that our son, is back in the good old USA after his 2nd Iraq tour. He came back last week, and instead of taking his leave, coming home for a visit then flying back to New York to his Army base to begin processing out, he decided to stay there and "get 'er done". His wife flew out for a few days, and as for me, I am just thrilled and content knowing he is "home" and I can pick up the phone and call any old time I want. E.D.T.A. ( estimated date of TRUE arrival home ) is early December. After waiting and worrying all this time, that is good enough for me.

Also have been busy with fall yard and garden work, DH has been canning salsa, pickles, carrots, etc. while I have been quilting. I am getting ready for a QOV sew day in Fargo this weekend, and we are hosting our own QOV Sew day in our town on Sat. Oct 25th. So many things to think of and organize, and difficult because we have no idea how many quilters will be coming ! But the basics are done, have a location, have helpers, the notice is out to the papers and radio, and next week it will be time to iron out the fine details ! That is a guarantee that next week will go fast also !

Check out our QOV website:

Did I tell you that I belong to the funnest bookclub in town ? ( Maybe I did. . .) anyway, we took a girl's weekend and went to Duluth. . . had a great time. . . scenery was beautiful. . .. . they even let me go to a quilt store ( right on the shores of Lake Superior) ! It was a great time and it would be a good idea for me to post some pictures. . . . but for now, I gotta go, there is some sewing I have to do yet before I leave for Fargo tomorrow !


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