Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up on Business. .

I had better finish up about an earlier post, I mentioned that we went to JunkFest, what a great time. DIL,DH and I went and had a great time. DIL found a few things, the best among them was a large primitive blanket chest that fits perfectly in her entry. She has the best eye for primitive decorating.

I found a cute little bookshelf, it is oak, and stained black ( not necessarily my preference, the black stain, but it is growing on me) but a perfect size for neatening ( a new word ? but it works! ) my magazine problem ! here it is. . . . I have 3 spots, the women's magazines I need to catch up on, on the top left, below that are just the fall quilting magazines from this year and from some other years , the bottom right are recipe magazines and the top right are DH magazines and a dictionary. Now that I have the magazines tamed, I need to get them read ! I really like the size of this bookshelf, in fact, it sat empty for about a month while I considered the best place for it, it would have worked well as a nightstand, it almost had a place in my sewing room upstairs, or my quilting room downstairs. . . but for now is holding down the end of the couch in the living room. We will see how it behaves there, for now. Who knows where it might end up ! It certainally is a versitile piece of furniture, and is deceptively heavy !

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