Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Quilting or Bluegrass. . . . .but a little nostalgia

Not quilting or bluegrass, but I had really better post this year ! I have a few quilting projects to post about, and maybe will get some time to do that, so check back. But as for now, I am getting ready to have hip replacement surgery tomorrow so am busy at home here today tieing up loose ends.

Not that I am THAT old ( as I need a new hip) , but I will show you this cute little picture of me and my friend, Debbie taken probably about 1958 or 59 ? Debbie is the dark haired little beauty, and this is taken at her grandparents home, Jim and Cora's. We were probably there because our parents and grandparents were having a card party. I always had a good time at these get-togethers because Cora had a minature kitchen set up in her basement for us kids to play with. It was set up next to her rug loom. She made the most beautiful rugs out of rags, and I still have some of them, which I treasure. Something else I remember about her home, her living room carpet was made completely the rugs she made, many of them stitched together to make a wall to wall carpet. Now, how cool is that ? If you look at the floor, you can see it, and also check out the sofa and the woven covers she had on that. She also had the most beautiful flower garden !

Now you can see that I had long hair back then. . . I guess I still owe a picture of the new short haircut, so when I get a good one, I will post it. I am afraid any pictures in the next few days won't be too flattering, so I will probably wait a bit ! You know, I really should talk to my Mother about my bangs back then. . . . .

Anyway, looking forward to a pain free future shortly. . .( finally ! ) and then I can get back to some more quilting, bluegrass, and the other little things that make life fun !

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